Dispatch from the Jungle 2021-02-26  #001

 Anaheim, CA

Greetings to all Jungle Cruise Skippers, former Skippers and Adventurers!

This is Day One of Trader Sam’s Outpost, a gathering place for a unique community of folks to share a passion for, as Sam says… “Art’s & Crafts, Art is on the top!”

Peruse the Outpost and remember, Sam is just starting to trade in the Jungle with lots of exotic items to come.  We are looking for like minded artisans and creators to add to our collections.  Help us by spreading the word far and wide. New treasures will be added frequently.

Please feel free to send correspondence with suggestions to grow Trader Sam’s Outpost, you can find a link at the bottom of the site or e-mail us at info@tradersamsoutpost.com.

A special thanks to our all of the crew who jumped in the boat to get this adventure started. Web creative by Lauren, Autumn, Gerald, & Dave. Creative advice from Chris, Matt, Tom and Glenn (Former Skippers).  Content production by Brett. Amazing art and creative by Matt (former Skipper.)  And of course, my Lead and cheerleader, Denise. 

And as we get underway in the lagoon, I used to spiel this back in the 80’s.

“We are loaded and off, and I wish I was both!”

Assistant to the Head Salesman

 “At Trader Sam’s Outpost, we have all sizes, from small to XXX small!"