Dispatch from the Jungle 2021-08-13

Dispatch from the Jungle 2021-08-13

Greetings for the Jungle!

It’s been a busy couple of months for Trader Sam. It started off with a reunion of nearly 30 1980’s Skippers to celebrate true friendships started in the Jungle.  Trader Sam missed the event but wished everyone well. Here is a photo of the crew and a few from BTM too!

The WFJC finally made it to the big screen, Rocks and all. While The Jungle Cruise Movie and its namesake attraction had as much in common as a lion and a zebra, it did accurately portray a true Jungle Cruise Skipper — rugged, witty, a perfect physical specimen and above all handsome. We all know a Skipper like that, right? Some fitting this description gathered to watch the premiere, and Trader Sam would love to see your fancy colored photographs from the event.

Disillusioned with his portrayal on the silver screen, Trader Sam took a sub-batical to the deep sea. Although he missed his Skips, he enjoyed the companionship of his fellow crew-mates. You could say they were on the same wavelength. To honor his Captain, Trader Sam launched a new collection commemorating the Submarine Voyage and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea attractions. Similar to his Jungle Cruise collection, he is offering hats from both parks, including the Original, Exploration, and N.E.M.O. eras of the DLR subs and WDW’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. There are also waterproof Captain stickers available to decorate your on land or underwater vehicle.


Keep and eye out for future releases, Trader Sam’s worldwide network of Artisans and Craftsmen are heads above the rest (although they may be detached)!