Dispatch for the Jungle 2021-04-07 #002 Anaheim, CA

Dispatch for the Jungle 2021-04-07 #002 Anaheim, CA

Trader Sam’s Outpost is off to a swinging start, many of you have purchased our fine and exotic goods, Trader Sam really appreciates that. But most importantly, Trader Sam wants to thank everyone for your patience in getting your hats & goods delivered.

We are experiencing starting pains in delivery of products, to customization, to color selections. Trader Sam wants to make it right and for you to be happy and come back as we grow. Thanks for hanging in there.

Trader Sam told me that he is not used to “process & logistics.”  In the old days he said, “We just ‘obtained’ (not his word, mine) a head, dropped in a vat of boiling brew, cooled it off and sold it to tourists in the Bazaar.” “We even had skulls with snakes coming out of the eyes!” He laughed at that one.

Anyways, Sam is taking an extended break from the WFJC in WDW but he is hard at work here. More on that later!



Assistant to the Head Salesman